360 virtual reality cinema room, a tour of the gold mine.

THE PROJECT: Creation and production of a virtual tour inside a gold mine located in the city of Nova Lima, in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. This tour has 12 minutes with interactivity indicated its characteristics. And the entire visualization process is simultaneous in 15 glasses at the same time controlled by a remote application.

THE PROBLEM: The customer received a lot of demand so that people could enter the mine to learn about the process of extracting ore to produce gold. But the problem was access and logistics. Not to mention the real risks in the underground environment. The customer also needed simultaneous content control on the VR glasses to monitor and control.

THE SOLUTION: Walo was hired to bring innovation with the use of technology through Virtual Reality. A team spent 5 days inside the mine taking 360-degree images. Then it turned into a very interactive tour that people could feel at the place. An application was developed for this process, which controls the reproduction of the content.